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Wedding Video Production by Pushkin Studio, NY

Inna & Dima Getting Ready Promo

Pushkin Studio specializes in cinematic video production for weddings and private & corporate events. As you can see, our video production doesn't look like cheap "digital video" that you get with most other so called "professional" wedding videographers. We try to make our videos as much film like as possible. We use Canon's top of the line cameras with full frame image sensors and highest grade lenses to give our videos that Hollywood film look that you see in movies. Even though we use a lot of the same professional gear that's used for big budget film productions, we don't charge you for it. Our prices are always below the market's value. Some of the tools we use are: Camera Crane – where the camera flies over people's heads on a crane from one end of a room to another, a Steadicam – where a camera floats trouugh the air creating very smooth moving shots, Slider – where the camera slides from left to right creating very cinematic shots, tripods, monopods, professional lighting for video, and professional sound for video. When your guests are giving toasts, we record sound directly from the audio mixer for best possible sound. The sound comes out crystal clear, same quality you hear on CNN or any other professional network. The lenses we use are L Grade Canon lenses. They are the best on professional market. These lenses give you that shallow depth of field that you see in movies. The end result you get on Blu-Ray and Standard definition DVDs. Call us now for availability and prices. Pushkin Studio – Video Production studio for Weddings in New York (917) 776-8269


Professional Video for Weddings

Question to DJ Pushkin

I am a wedding, Event and Day of Coordinator. I found your site through google, I have a bride who is looking for basic video for a wedding in Long island (Nass) on Sat Nov 26th. From 9am-4pm can you please provide me with some information on your basic package and also rates.


Hello Danielle.

Thank you for contacting me.

My prices for weddings start at $2500

What separates us from other wedding videographers is that we use Canon’s top of the line cameras with full frame image sensors and very expensive lenses. This gives our video a cinematic film look that you see in big budget Hollywood movies.
We also use Steadicam, Slider, and Crane to make the shots look very professional, smooth and beautiful. We shoot and edit in Full HD 1080p, use Professional Sound for Video and Professional Lighting for Video. On top of giving you the finished product on Blu Ray and Standard DVDs, we optimize your video and load it onto your iPod in HD.

Your client can come over to my studio in Brooklyn, NY where I can show them on a 50″ flat screen exactly how their wedding video will look. And you can see my online Wedding Video portfolio here:

I also shoot independent films that star actors from Hollywood movies.
Here is my indep film video production portfolio

Let me know what you think.


Gaby & David

Gaby & David’s Wedding
Ritz-Carlton, New York
Video Produced by Pushkin Studio

Eleonora & Alexander

Eleonora & Alexander’s Wedding
Roosevelt Hotel New York
Music, Lighting, and Video by Pushkin Studio

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