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Am Yisrael Chai Mix by a Russian Ukrainian Jewish DJ

Showing support for Israel and Jewish people all over the world! DJ Pushkin is not just a Russian-American DJ who supports Ukraine. He is a Jewish DJ! In this video he took Eyal Golan’s – Am Yisrael Chai acapella, added some beats behind it, added HenYosef Remix – MARCUS & GIL FUX Wedding Edit in the middle and this is what came out. He also mixed in an acapella of Bi-2’s famous track, to symbolize that GOOD will always prevail. As some of you know, Israeli citizens and members of Russian anti-war rock band were arrested in Thailand and almost deported to Russia, but released thanks to Israeli diplomats. As a Jewish DJ, Alex recorded this mix in solidarity with all the good deeds that civilized countries like US and Israel are famous for.

Here is the original mix of Eyal Golan – Am Yisrael Chai from where the acapella was used
And here is the original mix of Би-2 — Полковнику никто не пишет from where the 2nd acapella was used.

Eyal Golan Wikipedia

Bi-2 Wikipedia

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