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Sound System, Intelligent Lighting, Laser, Flat Screens for rent in New York

Question to DJ Pushkin:

Hello Alex,

I have a client who is looking to hire a DJ for the New Year’s Night in Washington Township in New Jersey. It is a big banquet hall, approx 100 guests will be attending. The party is from 9pm till 3am next morning. There is no sound system there. The client wants Russian, American, and European music for dancing. Also he requested MC services (games, competitions, etc). If you are interested and available please let me know of your price for 6 hours including sound system, DJ and MC services, wireless mic, etc.


Hey Michael.

I can make a big banquet hall look and sound amazing.
I’ve been doing a lot of high profile weddings lately and purchased my own sound system, light system, laser, and flat screens.

The sound system consists of base bottom and top speakers.
Light system consists of 4 moving heads and flat screens on 7 foot truss. The truss is covered in white elastic material and has LED lights inside. The flat screens are the new ultra thin (1.2 inch) Samsung. And moving heads are the new Elation Design Spot 250 Pros.
I also use 25 Elation LEDs to light up walls. The entire system is connected to a computer. This means that the walls and all 4 trusses are always same color. The color can slowly change from one color to another, strobe, or simply stay same color all night. And the color of the moving heads will always match the color of the walls for best look.

I will design custom visuals for the flat screens that will play all night on flat screens in Full HD.
I also have a very nice laser. It’s not green, red, or yellow. It’s Sapphire Blue. Something I’ve only seen at Pink Floyd laser show…

In other words the banquet hall will look amazing.

Lat year I used this system in Versace Mansion in Miami, but I didn’t have the flat screens yet. I just got them few months ago. Check out this video from last New Year’s Eve

DJ PUSHKIN @ Gianni Versace House, Ocean Drive, Miami

I am already booked for this New Year’s Eve for a big Russian party in Los Angeles.
But my entire system is available for rent for $3,500.

I can help them find a good DJ and MC, but they would want to get couple of thousand each for New Year.

Professional Video for Weddings

Question to DJ Pushkin

I am a wedding, Event and Day of Coordinator. I found your site through google, I have a bride who is looking for basic video for a wedding in Long island (Nass) on Sat Nov 26th. From 9am-4pm can you please provide me with some information on your basic package and also rates.


Hello Danielle.

Thank you for contacting me.

My prices for weddings start at $2500

What separates us from other wedding videographers is that we use Canon’s top of the line cameras with full frame image sensors and very expensive lenses. This gives our video a cinematic film look that you see in big budget Hollywood movies.
We also use Steadicam, Slider, and Crane to make the shots look very professional, smooth and beautiful. We shoot and edit in Full HD 1080p, use Professional Sound for Video and Professional Lighting for Video. On top of giving you the finished product on Blu Ray and Standard DVDs, we optimize your video and load it onto your iPod in HD.

Your client can come over to my studio in Brooklyn, NY where I can show them on a 50″ flat screen exactly how their wedding video will look. And you can see my online Wedding Video portfolio here:

Photography & Cinematography for Weddings

I also shoot independent films that star actors from Hollywood movies.
Here is my indep film video production portfolio

Let me know what you think.


Video for weddings in New York

Question to DJ Pushkin

I am having a wedding in Long Island, and wanted to find out your prices for video service.


Hey Katie.

My prices for wedding videos start at $2,500

You can probably find someone to shoot your wedding for under $1,000, but then it will look a little like this

Here is my Wedding Video Portfolio again

Photography & Cinematography for Weddings

As you can see, we specialize in cinematic and artistic look.

We do not use cameras purchased at Best Buy that most “special deal” videographers use. We use professional cameras with very expensive interchangeable lenses. Therefore our production doesn’t look like digital video, but like cinematographic film.

The same package that we offer for $2,500, costs $5K in other places, but the quality of our work is better most of the time. I don’t only do weddings, but also independent films starring professional actors from Hollywood movies.
Check it out:

Let me know if you’re interested in a beautiful wedding video, and if you and your fiance would like to come over for a free consultation.


Alex Pushkin.
917 776-8269

Affordable photography and videography services for weddings in New York

Question to DJ Pushkin:


I am a wedding planner and planning an event on Nov 25th and looking for rates for one photographer, album, cd and 9 hours of shooting. If you could please break out each cost that would be great. Also, interesting to know pricing on standard wedding video.


Hey Fabiola.

One photographer for 9 hours, an album and CD I can do for $2500.

If the client doesn’t mind spending a little more, I work with an album company in Europe that make albums that no other photographer in American has yet.
The leather cover is designed by a famous designer in Milan, Italy. The album cover looks like a million dollars.
You really have to see it.

The prices for my video production for weddings starts at $2,500.

Here are some samples of my work:

Photography & Cinematography for Weddings

By the way, maybe you can offer my intelligent lighting system to your clients. I have moving heads and Flat Screens on truss, LED uplighting, and Laser.
And my system isn’t cheap like most companies offer. For example my laser is not green, red, or yellow. It’s Sapphire Blue. The TVs are the new ultra thin 1.2″ Samsungs, etc..
Check out this video

DJ PUSHKIN @ Gianni Versace House, Ocean Drive, Miami

Nice. I like the prices and I think my clients may as well, they’re the best I’ve gotten so far. I’m getting a lot of quotes and so far yours is the best. The venue has the lighting so that’s covered.

I’ll add you to my list and be in touch when we get closer to making some decisions. I’ll reach back out to you after I get all the quotes in and touch base.


Any chance you could do the photography, album, cd and video all for 3000?

Yeah, I can, if I don’t use my best guys and equipment.
Ask the client to contact me and I will give them different choices.

Let me be honest with you. If you find a videographer who will do photo and video for 3k, I guarantee, your client will be angry with result.
The album would have to be the cheapest, and video will look like their nephew shot it.

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