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Russian Wedding DJ

If you’re looking for Russian Wedding DJ, look no further. DJ Pushkin lives in New York and specializes in Russian-American Weddings. DJ Pushkin also works as an MC (EmCee, Tamada) This means that announcements will sound in both Russian and English. Music like “I will Survive” will be played for your American guests (Russians will dance too 🙂 and artists like Pugacheva and Potap & Nastia will be played for the Russians. Check out more information about DJ Pushkin’s Wedding services here


Check out an interview with DJ PUSHKIN on RTVi (in Russian) takking about his Wedding DJ, Photo, and Video service.

Russian Wedding DJ

Russian DJ for hire. Weddings and Private Parties!

DJ Pushkin specializes in Russian Weddings & Private Parties, International Music, Jewish & Israeli Music, Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian Music, and more… DJ Pushkin also provides Celebrity Talent, Singers, Dancers, Sound, Light, and Video for your special occasion.

Feel free to email or call DJ Pushkin, and he will send you a free DVD.
On this DVD you will: see the atmosphere that he creates,
hear the music that he plays, and maybe even get some new ideas for your own Party.
More information about DJ Pushkin’s Wedding Services!

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