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This is how my DJ Booth looks, with 4 moving heads on truss towers and uplighting for entire room


Pushkin Studio Live Music and Lighting

DJ-Booth-Lighting Russian-Band
Working with Anastasia and Tigran & Ohel David & Shlomo, Brooklyn, NY

Sound and Lighting

Sound, Lighting Equipment, Furniture, Plasmas rental for Weddings, Private & Corporate Parties & Events.

If you want to party in style, I suggest creating the right mood for your event. Check out the cool white leather furniture, and tables with a battery-powered LED light underneath.

Check out how all the walls, columns and ceilings are blue. All it takes is about 15 of these little puppies 🙂

The main room requires more work. There is a DJ Booth in the middle, 2 platforms for dancers, and truss system with plasmas, and moving heads.

Check out the tables. It’s a 2 part construction, with a battery powered LED cube on the bottom and the plasti-glas on top.

Here is another view of the table

The platforms for dancers are also LED lit.

A company (or your personal) logo is projected on the wall.

And of course you need a person who will help you rent and set up everything you need, hire the right dancers, photographers, and videographers. It just happens that this person is also a DJ who will make you and your guests dance all night long – DJ PUSHKIN 🙂

Welcome to Pushkin Studio Weddings

Services for Weddings from Pushkin Studio 

Pushkin Studio specializes in follwing services for weddings:

Professional Audio
Live Entertainment
Intelligent Lighting Design
Visual Design

Check out videos and photos below, and feel free to contact us for further details.

Alex Pushkin (917) 776-8269

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