Plasma Screens & Photo Montage for Weddings in New York

Enjoy Professional Photo Montage in Full HD on our 4 new Samsong Ultra Slim (1.2 inches) LCD TVs.

Pushkin Studio now offers visual design for weddings as a part of our intelligent lighting & visual system. Both systems are integrated to look amazing together. Our lighting systems is comprised of moving heads and LED up-lighting as you can see here, here and here.

And now we offer 46" LCD monitors on custom stands. As you can see from the links above, our truss (for lighting) is covered with the same kind of white elastic material as TV stands. Inside each truss and each TV stand, there is an LED light. The lights inside trusses and TV stands are connected to all other LED lights that we use for up-lighting. ANd the entire system is connected to a computer. When we change the color of LED lights, the whole room changes in perfect sync. The walls, truss, and TV stands all light up in same color. We can also slowly change colors from one into another, and even strobe them when people are dancing.

The best part is that TVs display your photos in Full HD 1080p, and it looks amazing. Keep in mind that recording a slideshow on a DVD will look poor and blurry. That's not how we operate. Our slideshow will look better than a Blu Ray disk. Most of your friends will be seeing a slideshow of such high resolution for the first time. We encurage you to come to our studio for a demonstration.

We can use photos that were taken just few hours ago. You will receive many compliments on this idea. 

You do not pay anything for the slide show. It comes free with our Lighting & Visual Package.




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