Videographer in New York

A good Videographer is hard to find. 

Pushkin Studio provides video production services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, other places in United States, and all over the world. We know that a good videographer is hard to find. That's why we pride our selves owning and operating the best HD Video tools in the industry that money can buy. From professional lighting for video to professional sound, to tripods, monopods, sliders, dollies, Steadicam, Camera Crane, and highest grade cameras and lenses.

In the photos below you can see Pushkin Studio at work. Alex Pushkin is working as a videographer for another Erken Ialgashev motion picture. The stars of this film is Natalya Rudakova, the leading actress from Transporter 3, Kirill Andreev of Ivanushki International, and an actress from Moscow, Russia, Olga Chursina

Contact Pushkin Studio if you are looking for a professional videographer in New York. We specialize in independent film productions, music videos, commercials, videos for kids, weddings, and any other form of video productions.
Pushkin studio works with creative effect designers for post production process. Using our video inquisition skills together with post production and animation will give you that million dollar look that you see in Hollywood movies.


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