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Don’t settle for regular DVDs for the most important day in your life. We are not in the 90s anymore, and standard definition video does not look good on LCDs and Plasmas. I own and operate two of Canon’s best cameras on the market, EOS 5D Mark II. I also own and operate a Steadicam, and other stabilizing systems that add value to shots. The cameras shoot in Full HD 1080P. I then edit the footage in full HD and record it onto a Blu-Ray DVD. You will not believe your eyes when you see your wedding in Full HD shot through my lenses. Please see samples on my blog. I also offer a professional photography service. Update: I have been searching for classy and glamorous photo albums for years and finally found something unique and extravagant. I found an Album Printing company in Milan, Italy that teamed up with a famous Italian Designer (can’t say who because competitors might be reading) who designs leather album covers. All other print studios design album covers them selves. Imagine the difference. Think Louis Vuitton vs Kodak! Come to my studio in Brooklyn, NY and see a sample of this Photo Album, and how your Blu-Ray DVD will look on a 50″ plasma. Even though I specialize in High End & Luxury Weddings, I am not expensive. I will probably be more affordable then most other studios who offer regular DVDs and regular albums. Try me… Check out a movie I am shooting with couple of Hollywood actors, one of whom you definitely know. The link to my blog is on the left. And don’t get scared when you see that my blog is actually a DJ blog. I am DJ Pushkin. You probably never heard of me, unless you attended top Russian-American parties and Celebrity Weddings in New York anytime in the last 20 years 🙂 (I started spinning when I was 14) I fell in love with Photo and Video production while working at B&H. And now I produce my own web series, work as DP for independent film makers, and provide Photo & Video Service for Weddings. I am also working on a cool little feature that will be included in my Photo and Video package. (By the time you read this, it will be ready, so just ask me for a link to see a sample) It’s your own personal and very cute Wedding website (made in flash) with Photos and Videos from your Wedding, and a guestbook for your friends and family to leave warm and touching comments!

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