Video Crane for Weddings

Video Camera on Crane available as part of Pushkin Studio Cinematography package


camera on a crane for rent

Camera on Video-Crane, Cinematography service for Weddings by Pushkin Studio, New York

To get the most beautiful video footage at your wedding, Pushkin Studio recommends 2 cinematographer on the floor, and 3rd with a camera on a crane. Camera cranes provide ability to reach anywhere in the room in just seconds, and produce the most beautiful and smooth shots, as the camera flies from one end of a room to another, or from chandelier to the floor in one perfect, stabilized motion. If you want your Wedding Video to truly look beautiful, Camera Crane is a must! Pushkin Studio offers reasonable, and affordable prices for professional camera cranes. More information is available at the Pushkin Studio Wedding Photography and Cinematography website.

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